All About Rebuke

  • Sanatçı: Rebuke
  • Tür: Rock
  • Albüm: 8
  • Total Songs: 47+

Short Biography:

Rebuke is a melodic punk hardcore band from Gothenburg Sweden that has been around since 2003 Their brand of music has it x27 s roots in the mid 90s californian punk rock scene but is blended with a bit of hardcore and a few slices of metal riffs to form a distinct sound Lyrically they cover everything from politics to personal topics always in a sophisticated manner to fit the music like a glove After being a trio for a long time ...

Müzik Albümü Rebuke

Artie Kaye EP
Rebuke EP
Time Travels Demo EP
Camino Del Rey EP
EP1 Single
The Shining Single

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